New Prismaflex film shows the heavy lifting needed for the out-of-home ad boom

Out-of-home, as they call it, has become a boom area of advertising and media over the past decade or so and the old hidebound poster business has changed in consequence.

But all we ever seem to hear about are the activities of the various agency-focussed groupings (WPP’s Kinetic, Aegis’s Postercope and former Kinetic boss Eric Newnham’s new Talon) who trade the market.

But someone has to do the heavy lifting, producing posters and other installations to the increasingly rigorous specifications demanded by clients like Unilever who are desperate to reduce their carbon footprints and see outdoor as the easiest way to do it. And the often impossible demands of agencies, which are usually met.

France-based Prismaflex is one of the biggest outdoor printers and it’s just produced this quite enlightening video showing what precisely they do. Obviously there are lots of blokes in glasses peering at computer screens but that goes with the territory these days. I went around a trendy ad agency the other day and it could have been a call centre, except nobody was on the phone.

Anyway, here’s what they do.

This is, actually, an advertising industry.

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