New Guinness ‘cloud’ ad from AMV/BBDO floats into dangerous territory

I blame it on the famous ‘Surfer’ commercial, made all those years ago for Guinness by agency AMV/BBDO and director Jonathan Glazer. It was a great film but had bugger all to do with beer and Guinness advertising has disappeared even further up its orifice ever since.

Here’s the latest, directed by Peter Thwaites of Gorgeous, which starts off by straying firmly into Sony ‘Bouncing Balls’ territory and then, for some bizarre reason, brings in 9/11 and the New York Fire Department (many of whose members died on 9/11 and might object to figuring in a Guinness ad).

The ostensible reason being that the cloud is ‘Made of More,’ the theme of this this Guinness campaign (if such it be). More in this instance being rain presumably. But it didn’t rain on 9/11 and put out the fires, as far as I can recall. And even had it done so it wouldn’t be appropriate for Guinness to use it in an ad.

Even a voiceover by that fine actor Brian Cox can’t rescue this one. As Tony Hancock used to say: “Have they gone stark raving mad?”

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