Microsoft unveils new ‘no agency’ Surface campaign

All Microsoft is saying is that this launch ad for its new Surface iPad rival is directed by John Chu (presumably he wouldn’t do it without a credit). And that it’s nothing to do with Crispin Porter which is supposed to be handling the imminent and humungous Windows 8 launch. Nor any other agency apparently.

Bit unsporting, but there you go.

Well it’s OK. Can’t really see an idea there but I can’t with the latest Apple stuff, apart from the much-derided ‘Genius’ campaign.

Surface’s USP is supposed to be the keyboard in the cover which means you can use it more like a laptop. Then again maybe it is a laptop in disguise.

Oddly it doesn’t come will a full suite of Windows 8, just some of it. Which would annoy you a bit if you’d spent £500 and wanted it to be your work computer. But maybe if it had full Windows 8 that would annoy PC manufacturers who want to offer it on their laptops.

So confusing this tech lark.

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