Mercedes turns to Twitterati to launch new A-Class

Poor embattled creatives: first you have clients demanding global campaigns (meaning the end of those quirky national comedy series which the Brits used to love so much), then you had TV budgets cut as money poured into the internet, now we’ve crowd-sourcing.

So Mercedes is inviting members of the Twitterati to decide what happens next in this new campaign to launch the new A-Class, a rather sleeker version of its dumpy small car (the one that famously tripped over an elk on its press launch somewhere in Scandinavia).

The agency (AMV/BBDO presumably) has made a rather nice ‘core’ film with Kane Robinson and Wendy Glenn though. There was a time when some creatives used to use their time in agencies to prepare for a more lucrative career as directors (Paul Weiland, Frank Budgen, Chris Palmer etc etc). These days they can skip the advertising bit.

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