MDC’s Faris Yakob bigs up advertising at New York’s Advertising Week – but it’s bloody obvious isn’t it?

Here’s Faris Yakob (pictured), who glories in the title of chief innovation officer at MDC Partners and also works at Kirshenbaum Bond, describing how ad agencies need to reinvent the wheel to be, er, ad agencies.

My friend George Parker says he was once called Fred Smith – there’s something to conjure with even if it’s just one of George’s jokes.

Well it’s all quite sensible but why do agencies feel obliged to justify themselves the whole time? Their business is paid-for messages, full stop. Less time on justifying would mean better messages surely?

Faris (Fred) was performing as part of New York’s Advertising Week, which began with a faux burial of advertising by a few disaffected old stagers (from JWT among others).

But advertising isn’t bloody dead. It’s the business model of Google for a start. Agencies just need to be better at it.

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