Jaguar gets its sports mojo back with F-Type launch

Some drivers still go weak at the knees at the thought of Jaguar’s famous E-Type sports car from the early 1960s, arguably the prettiest sports car of them all and a capable performer too, at a price that was a bit more affordable than Ferraris, Maseratis and Mercedes.

I believe one Charles Saatchi snapped up one of the first ones, testament to the generous wages for star copywriters at Collett Dickenson Pearce.

Now Jaguar, owned by Indian conglomerate Tata these days after being messed up by the Brits and then Ford, is launching the F-Type sports car, its first for 50 years (the excellent XK is a ‘grand tourer’ apparently).

It’s not quite as pretty as the E-Type but will surely attract swarms of petrolheads and others, provided the wheels don’t fall off. The line for the campaign is ‘How Alive Are You?,” presumably the brainchild of Jaguar’s in-house agency Spark44, and the promotional stuff includes a Lana Del Rey song Burning Desire (her again) and a series of online films starring Homeland actor Damian Lewis and directed by Ridley Scott, set to debut next year.

Tata bought Jaguar from Ford just as the credit crunch crunched and, for a while, it looked as though disaster loomed. The UK government very unhelpfully declined to help Tata out with a loan, something it won’t forget for a long time.

This time though its timing looks better; there are some tentative signs that the world economy might be improving, maybe even the British one. And a new series of Homeland with Lewis starts next week.

One thing you can be sure of. Every British ad agency new business director will be demanding one of these things. How can they possibly turn up to see a prospective client or make a pitch without one?

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