Is Mitt Romney wise to bank on croaky old Clint?

Clint Eastwood produced a rather bizarre turn at the Republication convention (addressing an empty chair) and here he is again, fronting up for Mitt Romney in one of the many PAC-funded ads that the US bizarrely allows in elections (PACs are collections of party supporters with few spending limits).

So it’s not an official Romney ad – but it is.

Now we all like Clint, an American icon all the way from Rowdy Yates in Rawhide via Dirty Harry to Wieden+Kennedy’s ‘Half-time in America’ ad for Chrysler.

But the old boy is looking a bit past his sell-by date.

Has president Obama fallen down on the job? Lots of Americans seem to think so, enough to make Mitt Romney president. But this isn’t a very convincing presentation of the case against the prez.

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