Here’s the new Tesco campaign from London high-flyers Wieden+Kennedy

Well there’s probably a bit more to it than this but Wieden+Kennedy London boss Neil Christie took the trouble of posting this Thunderbirds-themed mini-mini opus on YouTube on behalf of his new £110m client Tesco.

It also ran in Homeland on Channel 4 with some other tune I’ve forgotten but which will probably figure in the proper ads when they appear (Homeland sends me to sleep these days, it’s so improbable – but I do like Clare Danes).

So what conclusions can we draw from this? Embattled Tesco CEO Phil Clarke and his new agency are clearly going on to the front foot. Phil’s been taking shots to the head and even more painful bits of his corporate body since taking over from Terry Leahy and the way to appeal to his ad budget is to say, “whack ’em back Phil.”

So we’ll see what W+K comes up with after this artfully-placed teaser. Which will please the people at production partner Tag who’ve been wondering quite where the campaign is (Christmas is looming and all that).

Not content with grinding out a Tesco campaign Neil has turned creative, wandering around W+K’s Hanbury St HQ with a ToonCamera app which makes everything look cartooney.

Very nice too, the music’s by Duke Ellington. But Shoreditch is a bit grim isn’t it, despite all those creatives?

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  1. Shoreditch isnt ‘grim’, it’s vibrant and edgy – that’s what all the estate agents say

  2. Do you remember that estate agent Roy Brooks? Who used to describe tumbledown cottages in Chelsea (when such things existed) as ‘windows of opportunity?”

    I think W+K should be counter-cyclical (as always) and move to a massive mansion in Belgravia.

  3. There’s a book about Roy Brooks called ‘Brothel in Pimlico’. I can’t see us in a mansion in Belgravia, but a Pimlico brothel is a possibility.