Have Coke and Pepsi an answer to these anti-sugar diatribes? They need one, quick

Earlier this week we had Alex Bogusky’s anti-sugar diatribe for the CSPI and now indie film maker Ariel Broggi is gaining some traction with this online film claiming that US children now are dying at a younger age than their parents because of sugar-induced obesity, diabetes etc. Which is pretty shocking, even if you’re free market champion Mitt Romney.

And so far there hasn’t been a very convincing answer from the fizzy drinks companies who have just cited their own research which says these claims are exaggerated, but who believes research from big companies these days? The big pharma companies like GSK and Pfizer have paid hundreds of millions of fines in recent years for using supposedly kosher academic research to suit their own purposes.

It’s a poser for Coca-Cola and PepsiCo in particular. Nobody’s suggesting that the people at these companies (like Coke’s urbane ad boss Jonathan Mildenhall) are pursuing a policy of genocide by stealth. At least we aren’t.

But they need to come up with some sensible policies (and product changes) PDQ.

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