Facebook hits a billion users and picks Wieden+Kennedy as first ad agency

Well you deserve a present for a billion users and Facebook, huge success though it’s been in most ways, could use a bit of expert communication advice just now as it struggles to turn social media dominance into money.

So it’s no surprise that new CMO Rebecca Van Dyck has steered it towards all-conquering Wieden+Kennedy, in client terms ‘the agency your agency could smell like.’ Its first film ‘the things that connect us’ can be seen here. Like much of W+K Portland’s current output it’s a prose poem about life, the universe and everything.

It remains to be seen how much Facebook will eventually spend on advertising but rival Google has become a substnatial spender in recent years, using a number of ad agencies as well as its considerable in-house resources. It will be interesting to see if W+K London now picks up the UK account.

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