Crispin Porter readies the world for Microsoft’s giant Windows 8 launch

Here we are then, ‘Windows Reimagined’ for the launch of Microsoft’s much-hyped (and rather important) Windows 8.

As with just about everything in mobile these days (and Windows 8 is more about mobiles than something to play on your PC at work, Windows’ traditional market) the launch campaign features another gigantic global bloody party (‘event’ I suppose), as though seeing other people leap around in an implausibly enthusiastic manner persuades you that the product is any good.

It’s all rather patronising in fact: it seems to assume that people in ’emerging’ markets are daft enough to fall for this non-proposition. But that’s global for you.

Here’s the launch commercial ‘The World is Ready’ from Crispin Porter+Bogusky (WPP’s JWT Brazil, China and Wunderman also helped out with the campaign, CP+B being confined to the US and Europe).

And one of a slew of what we used to call pop videos, this one for India.

“We focused on the experiences that new Windows 8 devices will give all of us,” says CP+B’s worldwide CCO Rob Reilly, “and we didn’t get too literal. It’s not about landing features and scenarios, it is about themes like sharing and staying connected, working and playing together, and expressing yourself. They are what connect and resonate across cultures in this digital and social age and what is absolutely core to this product.

“We selected music from up and coming bands. We didn’t want to use overly popular songs because we wanted to bring the viewer on a journey of discovery, both through the storytelling and the music that accompanies these stories.”

Microsoft is supposed to be spending well north of $1bn on the Windows 8 ad launch so, as we say now and then, the first priority is not to drop the ball. At this stage though it all looks a triumph of hope over likely reality.

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One comment

  1. Stephen
    In a word… “Bullshit.” And very expensive bullshit at that. Truly representative of what i call “Your Logo Goes Here” ads, I have seen that ad a million times, only the logo at the end changes… And I still have no fucking idea what they are trying to sell me… Oh, wait a minute… They aren’t trying to sell me anything, they just want to start a “conversation.” Unfortunately, I have more important things to do. Compare this piece of crap from the Frat/Fart boys at CP+B with the truly wonderful Adobe “Bullshit” spot from GS+P that you also talk about today… I would suggest fitting the troops at CP+B with those wonderful sparkly BS Helmets. Then every time they come up with shit like “The World is Ready” they get 10,000 volts through their pathetic brains.
    Finally, why is the guy in the Indian spot playing with himself 20 seconds into the spot?
    Cheers/George “AdScam” Parker