BBDO New York in anti-social mode with decent Snickers ad for the dreaded Halloween

One American practice I really wish hadn’t made its way across the north Atlantic is Halloween.

It’s in danger of replacing the old and civilised practice of Guy Fawkes’ night (November 5) in the UK when we set fire to effigies of a Catholic martyr/terrorist (depending on your point of view), terrorise animals and burn each other with fireworks at great expense.

I can remember once going to one such Leagas Delaney party at the Honourable Artillery Company HQ in London’s Moorgate, on the edge of the City. Thousands went up in smoke, many more thousands were consumed in food and drink and the agency, in its first manifestation, collapsed shortly afterwards.

So now we have to stock up with bags of mini-sweets as nice middle class mums wearily escort their Halloween-masked kids around demanding protection money (in my neighbourhood anyway).

Bah humbug, you may say.

Anyway here’s a clever ad from BBDO New York for Snickers/Halloween, with a well-placed nod to Johnny Depp headless horseman territory.

One of my problems with Halloween is I can never remember when it is. But I’ll invest in some Snickers beforehand, grumpily.

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