Apple is close to catching Coca-Cola as the ‘best global brand’ says Interbrand

Interbrand has produced its annual list of the top 100 global brands and Apple, which usually appears mystifyingly far down such lists, has almost made it to number one, rising 129 per cent to $77bn which puts it just $1bn behind daddy of them all Coca-Cola.

Apple market cap is several times $77bn although this reflects profits and expected profits but even so $77bn seems a rather modest estimate of the brand’s worth.

Here’s the top ten.

1/Coca-Cola ($78bn)
2/Apple ($77bn)
3/IBM ($76bn)
4/Google ($70bn)
5/Microsoft ($58bn)
6/GE ($44bn)
7/McDonald’s ($40bn)
8/Intel ($39bn)
9/Samsung ($33bn – up 40 per cent)
10/Toyota ($30bn)

Next come Mercedes and BMW. Further down the list we have Nike at 26 worth just a piddling $15bn, Ford at 45, Audi (surely one of the most successful brands) at 55 and Facebook way down at 69 and worth just $5bn. The whole report is here.

These computations (the same applies to the rival BrandZ report from WPP, Interbrand is owned by Omnicom) always seem to be rather behind the times. Facebook, for all its recent travails, is surely a bigger brand than this report suggests. But it’s a comprehensive piece of work none the less, with best retail brands, best green brands etc.

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