Adele hails 50-year old brand James Bond

Not many entertainment brands last for 50 years but Ian Fleming’s James Bond has.

Actually Bond in the films isn’t very much like Bond in the books, who was an upper crust Englishman who had his cigarettes hand-rolled in Jermyn Street. Fleming was horrified when Sean Connery, a working class Scot, was signed as the first 007 for Dr No in 1962. Fleming wanted David Niven. Goodness what he’d have made of Heineken-swigging Daniel Craig in the current release (the 23rd in the series) Skyfall.

This won’t bother the producers of course and the hype is already into overdrive and a big part of it is Brit singer Adele’s theme tune.

This has attracted mixed reviews so far, some criticising Adele’s less than perfect diction.

But the Bond series really does demonstrate a triumph of marketing over content, not many Bond films are much good (certainly after the first half hour or so) but that doesn’t seem to make any difference. Adjusted for inflation, they’re the highest-grossing film series (Harry Potter is the biggest franchise on current prices).

This is by far the best Bond song, from Paul McCartney. But Live and Let Die (with Roger Moore) wasn’t very good either, apart from the opening scenes in New Orleans.

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