W+K London gets a bonus from Southern Comfort

One of the points about having a network is that you pick up business without having to put yourself out too much and Wieden+Kennedy London has just won Brown-Forman’s Southern Comfort in the UK following a solid debut on the business from W+K New York.

This in itself is noteworthy as W+K New Yoirk has struggled to match the performance of its alma mater in Portland (who wouldn’t?) so there’ll be pats on the back all round.

Will this unlikely babe magnet play as well in the UK as the US? Southern Comfort over here has a reputation as a drink for pussies so may decide it needs something different after a bit of persuading (W+K London already works on B-F’s Finlandia vodka).

Which will be another challenge for W+K UK managing Neil ‘Svengali’ Christie (left) who’s already charged with lashing his hard-pressed creatives into producing stellar campaigns for major new clients 3 and Tesco.

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    The image of me lashing hard-pressed creatives, in the manner of a Viking longboat captain whipping his crew, is one that has its appeal! It doesn’t work quite like that in practice…