Why has Indy’s i editor Stefano Hatfield chosen McCann London for big debut TV campaign?

The Independent’s i budget-priced 20p UK newspaper is both good (voted newspaper of the year by its peers) and, it seems, commercially successful. Well it’s still here.

It’s edited by former Campaign and Ad Age editor Stefano Hatfield (left), previously of News Corporation’s thelondonpaper which lost out in the London freesheet wars to a cheap and nasty Associated Newspapers kamikaze product called London Lite.

But now i owner Alexander Lebedev is going to spend some of his Russian billions (millions anyway) on a new TV campaign in October, according to Stef’s old paper Campaign

Which is a bit of dream job for an agency, although they probably won’t make much money out of it. So why has i chosen McCann London, of all agencies, for this plum task?

I can’t believe that Stefano, who knows a bit about advertising agencies, would have chosen McCann in a million years. Has McCann global something or other Linus Karlsson agreed to work on the account personally?

Left to his own devices Hatfield would surely have headed east from Kensington High Street to fashionable Shoreditch, there to seek out the services of Wieden+Kennedy or Mother (BBH couldn’t assist as it handles the Guardian).

Does Stefano know something about McCann London we don’t?


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