Rustler’s raunchy butcher’s daughter riles the ASA

This online film for Rustler’s meat products (we used the term loosely) from Manchester agency BJL has been banned by the UK Advertising Standards Authority.

‘Fit as a butcher’s daughter’ indeed. But why isn’t she wearing white gloves?

You often wonder if client and agency discuss the possibility of a ban when they agree the ad. And, if so, is that part of the plan because they’ll get free publicity.

Actually this one is so bad it’s almost good. Almost.

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    Bloody hell… As a Mancunian, now living in the Fourth Reich (Idaho) If I ever get back there, I will give BJL a bit of a lecture on why their efforts for “Rustlers” merely serve to reinforce the commonly held perception of the general public that people in advertising are twats. Then I will drown them in the Manchester ship canal.
    “Disgusted of Deansgate.”
    Cheers/George “AdScam” Parker