October 1 is D-Day for WPP’s top managers

WPP’s 60 or so top managers – the likes of Bob Jeffrey at JWT, digital boss Mark Read, Kantar supremo Eric Salama – have been summoned to a week-long conference, starting October 1. Somewhere on the west coast of the US – for a whole week!

So what, you may say.

But these things don’t usually happen, WPP’s command and control network trickles down from Sir Martin Sorrell in Farm Street, Mayfair and, er, that’s it.

So what’s going on? Well it could be just an opportunity to schmooze with Silicon Valley types like Tim Cook of Apple and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook (some of this will doubtless be included anyway).

But maybe SMS (left) has decided he needs to rally the troops. WPP’s organic growth rate has dropped to about three and a half per cent, which is OK in these straightened times but hardly exciting. Maybe the WPP managers need a pep talk and a half (more money, more autonomy)?

Or maybe Martin is going to give it all up and go to run a convent in the Himalayas? Doubt it somehow.

Anyway we’ll keep you posted. If WPP wants to invite us we’ll send somebody along.

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