NDTV dispute with WPP pushes TAM into making improvements to India TV ratings coverage

The mighty WPP and Indian broadcaster NDTV are still trading punches over local TV ratings – WPP demanding NDTV’s “corruption” lawsuit in New York is struck out and claiming NDTV is a failing business while NDTV’s lawyers are also suing WPP boss Sir Martin Sorrell for calling them a two-horse town – but ratings agency TAM, the joint venture between WPP’s Kantar and global rival Nielsen, has been stung into action of sorts.

TAM boss LV Krishnan says he’s planning to increase the number of ‘Peoplemeters’ in India from the current 8,360 to 10,100 by early 2013.

Now that doesn’t sound a heck of a lot in the country like India with a billion people and TV sets catching up fast. And the fewer there are the more likely they are to be nobbled (we’re not saying they have been).

Maybe WPP is right: NDTV is just trying it on, we don’t know.

But it’s a growing embarrassment for WPP, unless its lawyers can persuade NDTV to go away.

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