Mother shows it can still do the business for IKEA

Mother has produced a jolly new campaign for IKEA in the UK and Ireland, ‘Bright Shiny Colours,’ to promote the new IKEA 2012 catalogue. This massive (and now interactive) work is the cornerstone of the Swedish furniture giant’s marketing efforts. The campaign features an old Shirelles tracks reworked by 99 Trees (as you do these days).

There you are, does the job, everybody’s happy including IKEA.

But presumably this is the swan song for Mother, on the catalogue at least, as we keep reading that IKEA has switched the global catalogue business to McCann, in particular to Swedish creative supremo Linus Karlsson. Or maybe this doesn’t include UK and Ireland.

We don’t wish to be mean to McCann (again) and the estimable Mr Karlsson but IKEA seems to have a perfectly good agency in Mother. Why muck around with things (and pretty important things at that)?

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