MEC’s Kieran Allen slams lack of office ethics

There’s trouble at t’mill in MEC London, one of WPP’s giant media agencies.

Here’s the report in Media Post.

An MEC account manager in the UK made a very loud exit from the agency Tuesday morning, saying goodbye to colleagues in an email that thanked the agency for the opportunity and then slammed a former superior for anti-Semitic remarks, and for mocking the handicapped and engaging in sexual misconduct at the agency’s offices.

The email, written by Kieran Allen, quickly went viral on the Internet, with numerous UK publications weighing in on the story. The missive was published in full on Twitter by UK publication Loaded Magazine (@loadedmag).

“I owe a lot to MEC for my training and development,” Allen began. “However, I leave with a horrible taste in my mouth after my working life for the past eight months has been ruined by Greg Shickle,” Allen’s former supervisor at the agency.

Allen wrote of having a near-nervous breakdown after being promoted and then having to take on extra responsibilities as a result of a managerial gap left by unfilled positions. He claimed that Shickle became angry at his inability to handle the extra load, because it made Shickle look bad with his own superiors.

Allen accused Shickle of openly and derisively referring to the Paralympics as the “Spastic Olympics.” He also alleged that Shickle “openly claimed to be proud ‘not to have a single drop of Jewish blood in him’. ”

He also charged the former supervisor with having sex with a female colleague late one night “in the meeting rooms on the third floor” of MEC’s UK offices.

The accusations, Allen stated, are “all common knowledge throughout the team. This is Greg’s style of leadership and is gross misconduct on many levels.”

MEC issued the following statement in response to Allen’s farewell address: “We are sad that one of our employees has chosen to share their personal views in such a public way and has left the company with such bad feeling. We are taking this issue seriously, though given the highly personal nature of the email, we cannot comment further.”

Allen’s complete email is here.

Well this doesn’t sound very nice although office-bound assignations are hardly new, neither, more sadly, are examples of loutish behaviour among some of the media fraternity. A small number of media buyers are rather like some traders in the City, arrogant twats who think their facility with money excepts them from behaving politely.

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    Doesn’t reflect well on agencies. But should clients really care about this stuff?
    If agencies really are stretching resource this thinly, then it does become an important issue for marketers. We have considered “The 5 things marketers should take from #Shicklegate…”