Mark Lund’s new agency Now debuts with chirpy Claims Direct ad

Ambulance-chasing ads drive you up the wall if, like me, you end up watching too many digital channels of an afternoon as you escape from the computer before commencing the evening’s entertainments.

But Now, the agency we forecast might become Then, has made its debut with a chirpy ad for one such company, Claims Direct. Now got off to a sticky start when it thought it had won the Waitrose business but hadn’t.

The ad’s called ‘Loretta’ which seems to be after the old Alan Price song but it doesn’t seem to figure. Maybe they think people will remember it anyway.

So will Mark Lund’s venture succeed? Lund (left), the founder of Now is the former boss of the COI and the L in DLKW. Well it might – look what the meerkats did for VCCP in a commodity-type sector.

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