Deutsch unveils a Dirty Ol’ Dog for VW Jetta

You have to say that at the moment the Americans are much better at car ads than (most of) the Brits. Maybe it’s because they keep putting dogs in them. There’s a hoary old maxim in films that the leading character has to have a ‘pat the dog’ moment early on to show that he or she is human despite subsequent appearance to the contrary. US adland seems to be taking it literally.

Anyway Deutsch LA has found a particularly hoary canine specimen for its latest VW Jetta ad, ‘Vet,’ plugging its ‘keyless’ technology. Maybe a spin on “the dog ate my homework.”

The tune is Johnny Cash (of course) singing Dirty Ol’ Egg-Sucking Dog, which is a new one on me (better mind out for literals here).

The creatives were Matt Sherman, Paul Oberlin and Mike Palese. It was directed by Noam Murro for Biscuit Filmworks.

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