Coke adds pop-up restaurants to ‘Open Happiness’

If marketing’s primarily about getting people to like you then a pretty good tactic is to give them presents. This has obvious flaws of course for giant multinationals, if you’re aiming at millions of people then that’s an awful lot of giving.

But online media has changed all that and now you can ‘share’ your benevolence with loads of people on YouTube and elsewhere without actually giving them anything.

Coca-Cola has giving stuff away in its ‘Open Happiness’ campaign for a couple of years now, chiefly through vending machines in various locations including universities and also via its programme of free concerts at the London Olympics. Now the Big Red One has pulled into Naples with a pop-up ristorante.

The feast was prepared by Italian chef Simone Rugiati. I’m pretty sure that Simone (and the Neapolitans) wouldn’t normally offer Coke with antipasti but they seem to be having a good time. The ‘Happiness Table’ happening was dreamed up by Naked Communications.

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