Audi S8 welcomes new NFL season with police drama from Venables Bell

You can see an interesting divergence between Venables Bell’s work for Audi in the US and Bartle Bogle Hegarty’s perhaps more famous efforts in the UK. While BBH likes to do quirky (making a German phrase like ‘Vorsprung Durch Technik’ popular in the UK which is still suspicious of some things German requires dedicated quirkiness), Venables Bell takes a more orthodox albeit still striking approach.

Audi is hardly complaining, the brand is doing well in both markets – in London there seems to be a new A5 sporty saloon everywhere you look.

Here’s Venables’ latest, “Suspect,’ for the S8, supercharged version of Audi’s top of the range flagship, released for the start of the NFL season.

Such a mean machine approach involving cops probably wouldn’t play too well in the UK just now. Recently a getaway driver in an Audi RS5 (not sure what the difference is between an S and an RS, think the latter is Audi’s version of BMW’s ‘M’ supercars) was clocked at 180 mph in a police chase. Apparently it even outran a police helicopter. So anything redolent of high speed and the law won’t be on BBH’s UK menu anytime soon.

But it’s good management by Audi two get two such good campaigns from two different agencies in two of its biggest markets. Sometimes consolidation, as in the case of General Motors’ new Commonwealth agency, isn’t necessarily the best way to go.

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