AMV/BBDO leads Omnicom charge for Plan International charity and female rights

Plan International, which supports young girls’ right to an education, seems the charity of the moment and UK agency AMV/BBDO is launching a multi-media campaign, ‘She’ll Learn,’ during the build-up to the first UN-recognised International Day of the Girl.

AMV, which worked with other Omnicom companies on the campaign, says: “With education a girl in the developing world will have higher self-esteem, gain essential life skills, will marry later and have healthier children. Her chances of getting AIDS and HIV will be significantly reduced and it is less likely that she will be affected by sexual harassment or human trafficking. What’s more, she will be able to pass on the benefit of her education to her children and the generation that follows.”

Quite so. In a couple of hundred years or so (assuming global warming, religious intolerance or mice droppings in Yosemite National Park haven’t done for us) historians will wonder at two great follies, the status of women in about half the world and the ludicrously ineffective and costly ‘war on drugs.’

The copywriter was Charlotte Adorjan, the art directors Michael Jones and Adam Whitaker and the film was directed by Sarah Dunlop of Rattling Stick and Theo Delaney of Hotspur & Argyle.

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