AMV shows its narrative skills with perfectly-pitched new Sainsburys ad

People at AMV/BBDO are probably heartily sick of the agency being described as a ‘safe pair of hands,’ but that’s what it undeniably is, with lots of establishment UK clients to prove it.

But the description masks formidable skills and they’re on display in its latest opus for Sainsburys on the theme of ‘Live well for less.’

Sainsburys could easily have been a victim of the four year long UK recession, squeezed between discounters Aldi and Lidl, bigger low-priced boys Asda and Tesco with Waitrose nibbling away at the top end.

But it hasn’t been and AMV’s advertising has had a lot to do with it.

Most supermarkets would have tackled this theme with ads featuring shoppers snapping up low-priced bargains. The last thing they’d have thought of was a bit of kite-flying (fun but free) and a tune from Mary Poppins.

But this says that you don’t need to be downmarket to want to cut your bills. Which is spot on for Sainsburys.

And, as ever from AMV, there’s a little story there, or narrative as we’re supposed to call them these days.

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    Living near the equator, as I have done for a few years, enables me to observe with some degree of objectivity, that the further one travels from the tropics the better the creativity. Your current examples from Sainburys and John Lewis are good examples. Also the Viking invasion of Madison Avenue? Not to mention agencies like Clemenger and Colenso from the far south.