Ad Dynamo says anyone can be paid-for Tweeter

Any Twitter user can now make money from their social media activity, according to South Africa-based ad marketplace Ad Dynamo. The company has just launched its new Sponsored Tweets service enabling Twitter’s 140 million worldwide users to get paid for sending tweets that promote advertisers’ products and services. Ad Dynamo has been oeprating in the UK for a year and is rolling out to other countries,

Twitter users signed up to Ad Dynamo’s Sponsored Tweets become paid publishers by responding to briefs prepared by advertisers. Once registered, these Ad Dynamo Twitter publishers choose how much they want to charge per promotional tweet. Twitter users that are influential within their social circle, particularly those with a large following, can choose to charge higher amounts from advertisers for each tweet. Ad Dynamo Twitter publishers are encouraged only to tweet about products and brands they support.

Final control still lies in the hands of advertisers, so that they can ensure quality, sincerity and that the tweet is in line with the advertiser’s core values and message before it is tweeted, thus maximizing the value of the tweet. Ad Dynamo also provides advertisers with performance summary charts that enable them to monitor the influence, effectiveness and reach of tweets so that they can tailor their Twitter campaigns in real time.

Sean Riley, CEO of Ad Dynamo (left), says: “On social networks like Twitter consumers are heavily influenced by the recommendations of real people. Third party recommendations are highly valued because they’re impartial and based on personal experience, which is why many brands now pay celebrities for endorsed tweets. Ad Dynamo’s Sponsored Tweets extends this arrangement to any Twitter user, turning them into paid publishers and enabling them to monetise their social media activity. At the same time the service provides advertisers with a cost-effective way to secure natural, authentic and powerful promotional tweets.”

Recent figures from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) showed that three quarters of marketers plan to increase investment in social media marketing in 2012. However, the same study also revealed that 35.4 per cent of marketers polled considered their social media activity in 2011 to be “not at all effective,” showing a need for new marketing channels.

Riley says: “The insight provided by Ad Dynamo’s Sponsored Tweet service enables advertisers to take control of their social media marketing activities. Marketing via social networks like Twitter can provide advertisers with maximum reach at minimum expense, but a lack of effective and efficient systems has made it difficult for marketers to make the most out of social media. Ad Dynamo’s cost-effective new Sponsored Tweet service provides advertisers with the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of consumers while maximising their marketing ROI.”

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