Ray Winstone wields his knuckle duster for Orange

Can’t decide whether I like this or not.

It’s a clever idea from Fallon to get the stars of the new The Sweeney movie, Ray Winstone and Ben Drew (aka Plan B) to star in the new Orange cinema commercial (maybe they’ve always done this in the current campaign, dunno).

Maybe I have my doubts about the second comings of Regan (the late John Thaw) and sidekick Carter (played in the TV series by Dennis Waterman) for the big screen. There were a couple of Sweeney movies with Carter and Waterman as I recall but they weren’t much good.

But the Thames TV series was brilliant. One reason was that it seemed to be realistic, despite (or maybe because of) depicting the elite Scotland Yard Flying Squad as, from time to time, out of control hooligans. But the Flying Squad’s job was to catch heavy duty robbers which, mostly, they did.

Do we admire rough and ready cops quite so much these days? There’s a poser for the producers.

Anyway here’s a trailer from the movie.

And here’s Fallon’s ad.

As ever with ads these days the music is key and the choice of Jeff Lynne’s ‘Telephone Line’ is inspired.

So I do like it, just not sure how much.

Maybe the problem’s Ray Winstone. Now Ray is undoubtedly a good thing and a good actor but he’s everywhere. Including in endless ads for Bet 365.com, thanks to which his rough-hewn cockney charm begins to wear a bit thin.

And the new Sweeney film? Any such rozzer of Ray’s age and idiosyncratic approach to policing would have been put out to grass rather earlier in his career, either a comfortable retirement and career in ‘security’ or a jail cell.

Still, mustn’t pre-judge these issues..

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