Puma and Droga5 claim love equals football

It’s that time of they ear again with the UK Premiership kicking off on Saturday – which means that various brands from Adidas and Nike to broadcaster Sky – will be falling over themselves to try to associate themselves with what some still see as ‘the beautiful game.’

Some others might prefer to see this as the annual outbreak of communal lunacy, given the bizarre economics and rituals of a game whose main intention often seems to be to rip off long-suffering fans.

So Puma and agency Droga5 have decided to investigate this phenomenon with the University of Bristol no less, inviting its biological pyschology boffins to investigate whether Newcastle United supporters feel more strongly about their partners or their team (Geordies are completely obsessed with football) in this Love or Football film, part of its Love=Football campaign (giving the game away a bit).

It’s all interesting stuff with a perhaps surprising conclusion. It certainly isn’t an ad (obviously) but it isn’t a longer online version of an ad either. I suppose it’s an attempt to differentiate Puma from, in particular, the dramatic quick-cutting Nike approach to these things.

Puma as the thinking person’s sports shoe perhaps. Maybe Droga5 as the thinking client’s agency too.

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