Pinnacle Vodka is so excited to appoint Ogilvy

US drinks giant Beam (which makes Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark among others) has appointed Ogilvy Chicago to handle Pinnacle Vodka, a couple of months after acquiring the brand which it claims is the fourth most popular non-flavoured brand in the US.

And very happy both parties seem to be.

Time was when such an announcement would congratulate the winner, commiserate with the losers (in this case The Martin Agency and Deutsch New York) and end with a platitude from the agency about what a privilege it was to work with one of the world’s great brands (even if it was a failing company on the verge of extinction).

Not so these guys.

Here’s Beam:

“We are excited to bring Ogilvy on board to our Beam Pinnacle family,” said Deb Boyda, general manager Venture Category Business Team for Beam. “Pinnacle’s classic unflavored vodka was the U.S. market’s fastest-growing non-flavored imported vodka in 2011. As we continue to pioneer some of the most exciting flavors in the vodka category, including the outstanding success of the Pinnacle line of Whipped dessert-flavored vodkas, we look forward to the creative contributions Ogilvy can make as our partner in growth.”

Whipped dessert huh?

And Ogilvy:

“We’re absolutely thrilled to partner with Beam on Pinnacle. It’s an incredible creative opportunity. Let the brand immersion begin,” said Lee Newman, president of Ogilvy Chicago.

Has Lee been sampling the stuff already?

I believe Pinnacle is actually made from distilled French wheat that is then exported to the US. Bet this doesn’t feature in the ads.

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