Old-style DDB London takes the creative honours with VW up! launch ad

The new Volkswagen up! town car may have been lumbered with one of the daftest names even the car industry can invent (maybe it plays better in German) but the ads from Adam & Eve DDB (or is it just Adam & Eve, more nomenclature gone mad, thought agencies were good at branding) shows all the hallmarks of years of sure-footed advertising from – DDB London.

The teasers were good.

And this product launch campaign is brilliant, all the more so for being slotted in to the Olympics closing ceremony where most of the other ads were trying to outdo each other in noise and emotion.

The copywriter was Mike Crowe and the art director Rob Messeter. It was directed by Andy McLeod for Rattling Stick.

If only actually buying a car was this easy. In the UK it’s more complex than taking out a mortgage.

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