New agency Grey produces an epic (these things are relative) for the Sun

Well it is an epic if you think back to what advertising for the Sun newspaper used to be like – cheese, cheese and more (very cheap) cheese.

News International, reeling from the closure of the News of the World last autumn, appointed a ‘Team News’ from WPP to handle its biggest-selling and most profitable (actually, only profitable) UK newspaper, something to do with the friendship between Rupert Murdoch and WPP boss Sir Martin Sorrell no doubt.

Many years ago the two were once chatting happily on a Concorde flight to New York, which had to turn back and limp to Shannon in Ireland when one of the engines conked out. Their merciful deliverance was greeted with street parties and extra helpings of trifle by relieved staff at both companies.

Anyway, Team WPP seems to mean Grey London in practice and the agency has excelled itself with this spot, ‘Get Involved’ (bit feeble that) which encapsulates all those Sun qualities (whether you like them or not) in a pleasing and probably quite expensive 90 seconds.

Who’s the presenter you ask? I thought it was that bloke Russell something or other who used to write a column on matters digital for Campaign. It’s actor Daniel Hoffman-Gill, who I’ve never heard of but who can look forward to lots of nice notices in the Sun.

And isn’t it lucky for the paper that the Prince Harry story broke just after the ad?

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