Is Maybelline Wong (part of) the answer for Levi’s?

Venerable jeans brand Levi’s and agency Wieden+Kennedy Portland are certainly pushing all the buttons at their disposal to try to make the new version of Levi’s Go Forth campaign cool and hip.

This time it’s dancer Maybelline Wong strutting her stuff on the internet.

This opus is flagged The Pursuit of Levi’s, which is registered, so client and agency evidently have some more wheezes in store – maybe a separate brand.

So is this the new coat of paint Levi’s needs or just a version of your dad dancing at a party? So far it’s not packing them in on YouTube, less than a thousand hits with as many people disliking the ad as liking it. Levi’s really is as gritty a problem as there is in marketing.

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