Industry vets David Fincher and Dave Morrison form ‘super’ US production company Reset

The Social Network director David Fincher (left) and former Anonymous head of commercials Dave Morrison are launching a new Santa Monica-based ‘super’ production company Reset. Other directors include Guy Ritchie, of Sherlock Holmes fame, and Jonathan Glazer, arguably the biggest name in UK commercials, who will maintain his ties with UK outfit Academy. The company’s executive producer is Jeff McDougall.

Morrison says the company will focus on “high-level advertising” in all its guises (including online films). Academy will represent Reset in the UK.

Such companies have a clear attraction to (often star-struck) creatives but the problem is often that they’re so busy making movies that commercials come a bad second. Morrison seems aware of this, telling Ad Age’s Creativity: “My worry, was that our company would be called ‘Unavailable,’ so having Guy and Fincher active right in the beginning is really good,” he says. Morrison says the company will focus on “high-level advertising” in all its guises, including internet films.

Production budgets have gone through the roof in recent years (millions of dollars) as advertisers have sought to control their paid media expenditure (tens of millions of dollars) by producing films that garner millions of hits on YouTube and elsewhere, thereby reducing media costs. This has also led to much longer films being made than the 30-second epics of yore.

So will the new boys on the block (or old boys in new clothes) succeed?

Here’s Guy Ritchie’s ‘director’s cut’ for his old Nike ‘Next Level’ film.

Hmm. Well the message is pretty clear “score with Nike’ in more ways than one. But I’m not in the target market these days, alas.

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