Girl power achieves impact through education

Here’s a new spin on Girl Power. A girl hurtles to earth like a missile – heading straight for a primitive African township. Impact! But it’s a positive impact. Where she has crash-landed, houses, schools and hospitals spring up. The tagline for this 60-second TV and cinema ad? “Because I’m a girl”.

Not a subtle metaphor for portraying the transformative economic effect of educating women – but a powerful one all the same:

The ad, called ‘Mass Construction’, has been devised by Leo Burnett for Plan, a charity that campaigns for the rights of girls. It breaks in UK cinemas tomorrow – the same day, as a matter of fact, that GCSE results come out.

Plan has some interesting views on world poverty, girls and their education. It reckons that for each year a girl manages to stay in school, her income afterwards will rise by 20%. What it’s trying to do is create a virtuous circle. More income means the girl can better support her family – which in turn means there may be a little left over to invest in the community, so breaking the cycle of poverty.

Burnett and Plan also have their eye on International Day of the Girl, whose inaugural celebration takes place on October 12th this year.

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