BT and AMV warm up broadband ads with ‘hotspots’

Over the years I’ve learned how to opt out of AMV/BBDO’s never-ending soap operas for BT broadband; however cleverly they’re done the notion of otherwise fairly human people devoting family/social time to discussing broadband speeds is just a leap too far. But I don’t like Eastenders or Coronation Street either.

I might make an exception for the new one featuring a gaggle of Spanish girls but senoritas are preying on our mind this week (it’s OK, we’ll get over it).

But Paul Simons, who spent a large part of his earlier career at GGT and Simons Palmer trying to smuggle stuff past the client, drew my attention, admiringly, to this effort from earlier this year with nerdy Simon showing knowing Anna his new discovery of girls’ ‘hotspots.’

Well it is, isn’t it? Must pay more attention to the damn things in future.

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