BBH and Axe are all at sea in online competition ad

The danger with ‘integrated’ advertising is that you aim at lots of targets and hit none of them.

Here’s a classic case in point from the mighty BBH for Axe/Lynx.

The aim is to flog a social media competition with a stay on a real island as the prize. BBH is obviously trying to send up this tacky stratagem as hard as it can (it’s a job for what used to be called the sales promotion agency) but that’s a bit like producing a post-ironic travel brochure. if you succeed you undermine the blingy point of the whole exercise.

Axe/Lynx communications are all over the place at the moment: some of it’s good, much of it is awful.

Memo to Unilever CMO Keith Weed: get a grip Keith, we know you’re selling lots of stuff but at this rate you’ll become the new Brut.

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