Basically Apple fans hate the new ‘Basically’ ad

Apple Mac fans are true believers, essentially despising anyone dumb enough to use a PC from any other maker.

And, over the years the ads originated in Lee Clow’s TBWA Media Arts Lab, have skilfully balanced this care for their community with the requirement to open out the wonderful world of Mac to zillions of new users.

But many of them absolutely hate this new campaign, featuring the whizzes (or Apple ‘geniuses’) who spread the message to the unconverted in the phenomenally successful Apple stores.

Interestingly comments are disabled on YouTube, even though over 400,000 people have taken a look at this one.

For Mac fans the boss of the company is the keeper of the holy flame and this campaign (unfairly no doubt) will fuel fears that new boss Tim Cook lacks the sure touch of predecessor the late Steve Jobs. Jobs used to sign off all the big ads himself. It’s not clear if Cook, an operations man, does.

Apple also lost one of its top marketers Rebecca Van Dyck to Levi’s back in March last year (she’s since moved to Facebook).

So is the new Apple line-up struggling? Its latest results also disappointed some voracious Wall Street types. It’s too early to say but this new campaign doesn’t seem to be the best of starts.

It does the job (beware of imitations) well enough. Maybe it’s just not cool enough.

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    As I say on “AdScam” TBWA/Chiat has finally lived up to Jay’s famous quote… “I can’t wait to see how big we can get, before we turn to shit!” They have actually cloned the “Dell Dude.” At least he was caught buying drugs in the Village whilst wearing a kilt. This dweeby fucker sleeps in Apple tee shirts. Dontcha just wanna stab him in the eyes with blunt chopsticks… Steve would crucify these wankers.