Axe starts nationwide hunt for Susan Glenn

You’ve seen Susan Glenn the movie – well, 30-second spot actually, courtesy of Unilever’s Axe and BBH New York. Now listen up for news of the six-episode Web opera.

Unlike the ad, it doesn’t have anything to do with Agent Jack Bauer – aka Kiefer Sutherland. Never mind though, actor Max Greenfield who wrote, directed and starred in the series “Finding Susan Glenn” has a weird charm/annoying fascination all of his own.

Susan Glenn is, well, a metaphor – for the unattainable woman… When you’re an adolescent. No, wait a minute: let Matthew McCarthy, senior director of brand development for Axe do the talking, he’s so much more succinct:

“Susan Glenn is more than a name, it’s a timeless truth for every guy that has ever walked down a school hallway. Giving guys courage to reach out to their own ‘Susan Glenn’ is exactly what we strive to accomplish with this campaign, which remains true to the brand’s essence.”

To accompany the six-episode series, which is a kind of web diary to be found on YouTube, the deodorant brand is launching a nationwide roadshow to “help real guys across the country” (US of A only) to approach their “Susan Glenns”.

Fans are encouraged to exchange their SG stories on Facebook and Twitter. And to make the experience a bit more piquant there’s a Fear No Susan Glenn website where you can upload an image of your very own “Susan Glenn” on a Times Square virtual billboard, thanks to clever old 3D-mapping.

A male deodorant brand that has turned itself into a social media match-maker for young males. Very cool.

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