Arthur’s day for global Guinness is a Mexican fiesta

Diageo-owned Guinness has decided that September 27 is ‘Arthur’s Day,’ a festival to celebrate Guinness founder Arthur who, as far as we know, had nothing much to do with September 27. No-one seems sure exactly when the old boy was born (we think it was 1725) but he seems to have died in 1803. Anyway the boy done well.

So we might have expected an onslaught of ‘Oirishness’ for this momentous occasion but Guinness is a global brand these days so Saatchi & Saatchi and director Daniel Wolfe (at least he sounds Irish although he probably isn’t) have located their ‘Paint The Town Black’ celebrations in what looks like Mexico.

Well it’s fine, although as ersatz as Mother’s Day. But global ads these days seem to all follow the same path: introduce the brand with a nice, moderately arty film and then finish on a bloody great party somewhere (often Mexico). There must be a bit more you can do..

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    The original Arthur’s Day (September 2009) was to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the signing of the lease on St James’ Gate where Guinness is brewed. A little tenuous perhaps but it worked.
    Dublin was insane that night, I’ve never experienced it being so busy or lively and that includes St Patricks Day.