Agent Bauer explores his feminine side in Acer ad

Has Agent Jack Bauer – he of 24 fame – finally gone off the rails? Last month, he was mooning over his lost childhood sweetheart, Susan Glenn, as he stared into the shaving mirror.

This month, he’s exploring his softer, feminine side – making cup cakes with the aid of Acer’s latest laptop, in an ad devised by Mother.

Of course, “softer” is a relative word where our Jack is concerned. The man who has been routinely shot, beaten, imprisoned and – over 8 series – managed to dispatch 267 baddies – cannot be expected to have a conventional approach to the culinary arts.

Bauer, alias Kiefer Sutherland, does not disappoint. Instead of donning a frilly apron and consulting the nearest cookbook like the rest of us, he starts a ruthless recipe-hunt, grilling unsuspecting members of the public for the perfect ingredients. Cut to Bauer blowing up his car to make the logo for his very own cup-cake brand. Which is? You got it readers – Dynamite Cup Cakes.

Then it’s back to the kitchen – more a weapons-testing range, really – to create the perfect cup cake with power drills, flame-throwers and all the other tools of his macabre trade. With – naturally – the indispensable aid of Aspire S5 Ultrabook™’s cutting-edge technology, to give him the right soupçon of sizzle.

Maarten Schellekens, Acer’s Global Brand Director, tells us: “At Acer we’re interested in what people do with the technology we develop. The S5 Ultrabook is the first of many products that will help our users explore a different side of themselves, for Kiefer that was cupcake baking but over the coming year we’ll create more stories of characters exploring beyond their limits.” What else has he got up his sleeve? The mind boggles. Hitler exploring his long-buried urge to knit the best antimacassar pattern perhaps? Or Lady Gaga building a hot-rod? Could be some mileage in that last one, by the way, Maarten – as long as your cheque book is wide open.

Acer’s Bauer campaign broke this week in the UK, Germany, France and Russia. There’s a 90 second film for cinema and the web, a 20 second TV trailer and a series of print ads.

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