The UK’s ‘orrible weather is changing at last – will this save the economy and ITV?

The above isn’t (quite) as daft as it sounds, there must be millions out there that have been squirrelled away by advertisers who certainly aren’t daft enough to advertise ice creams, summer frocks, barbecues and all the other things that get an occasional lick/airing in the average British summer, assuming such a thing exists any more.

Sky News reports that the dumper truck of rain that’s been sitting atop this island is finally about to move away. If, a big if probably, it does it could loosen the purse strings of frustrated advertisers, which will be good news for the economy as a whole (which could certainly do with some help) and media organisations like ITV.

Media types are forecasting a dismal time for the country biggest commercial broadcaster as a combination of TV audiences migrating to the BBC for the Olympics and general soggy misery dampen the spirits of advertisers.

But, with a bit of sun, who knows?

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