Sorrell and the world’s biggest Olympic torch

Spotted in The Independent: First came Coca-Cola’s free sample bearers. Then the trotting Samsung flag distributors and the Lloyds TSB streamer wavers. And finally, with a broad smile as he bore the fiery symbol of sporting purity, came the millionaire ad man who knows the power of a brand more than any other.

Sir Martin Sorrell, the founder of WPP, the world’s largest advertising agency, yesterday joined the list of corporate grandees who have held aloft the Olympic flame on a journey which represents, in the words of London Mayor Boris Johnson, the “democratisation of the fire of the gods”. What typical BoJo piffle. Shouldn’t that be “commercialisation of the fire of the gods”, Boris?

Anyway, in the spirit of the Olympic Games, we’ve devised our own competition.

And here it is: How tall is that torch, readers?

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    If you take into account the “Poisoned Dwarf’s” built-up Nikes, and the fact that he had to run all the way from WPP’s Dublin headquarters, to avoid paying UK taxes on the butane for his torch… I would say the bloody thing is about the height of six Guinness bottles standing on end. God Save the Queen.
    Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells