Poor old New York takes another big hit – this time from its very own Lottery

I was thinking of a trip to New York later this year but the key question is: will there by any of it left?

Hard on the heels of McCann’s new campaign for Sony’s Experia phone showing the city in a state of severe disrepair, New York’s very own Lottery depicts it in a similarly ruinous state, this time peopled by zombies in a new campaign from DDB.

And, of course, we’ve had Axe’s lovers oblivious to the Big Apple collapsing around their ears.

Apparently this new campaign is based on the British ‘zombie’ film Shaun of the Dead. This is set in the north London creative hotbed of Crouch End, just down the road from me. But the difference between Crouch End and New York (actually I expect there are quite a few) is that I know Crouch End is still there.

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