Nationwide picks up the John Lewis baton in new 18 Feet & Rising ‘On Your Side’ SavingsWatch ad

It has to be the recession doesn’t it? Downbeat ads (with no sunshine, maybe it’s the inimitable UK weather) showing people making the best of a gloomy and potentially alarming world.

With the judicious use of some evocative music, just so you don’t get too suicidal.

John Lewis and Adam & Eve (now part of DDB UK) have pioneered this British riff and Nationwide, via !8 Feet & Rising, is an enthusiastic and skilful follower.

The previous Nationwide ad (below) had people on YouTube playing the piano music and now everyone seems to want to know who the singer is here, even though she only gets to do a bar or two of Ben E King’s Stand by Me. Well it’s one Olivia S (these new British warblers are doing very well out of covering standards in ads, viz Ellie Goulding with Elton John’s Your Song for John Lewis a couple of years ago).

Anyway it’s a cracking campaign for a, mostly, estimable institution (a mutual rather than an evil bank). And SavingsWatch is a long overdue idea from the savings sector. For far too long cynical banks have cheerfully left people’s money to rot in low-return accounts rather than bothering to tell them there are better deals on offer.

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