McDonald’s UK gets it right with ‘We all make the Games’ ad by Leo Burnett

We’re all fed up with the Olympics already back here in rain-sodden Blighty. And come the weekend I won’t be able to drive the car down to the end of the road without being pounced on by a bunch of angry paratroopers, drafted in at the last minute because security company G4S screwed up on its £284m contract to supply half-trained students to deter al-quaeda and its pernicious allies.

McDonald’s has been taking even more than its fair share of stick, for having the world’s biggest McD restaurant on the Olympics site (not healthy, etc). But good old Leo Burnett UK has come to the rescue (a bit of a rescue anyway) with this rather nice ad for the burger bazooka.

Burnett has been producing these low-key gems for McDonald’s UK for years now. And, for what is still quite a brash company in the US, refusing to drop Ronald McDonald etc, they work.

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