McDonald’s and DDB New Zealand get up early with new Olympics ad awards contender

When you’re stranded just north of Antarctica even watching the London Olympics on telly can be a bit of a trial, requiring lots of nocturnal interruptions. But the nearly always excellent McDonald’s (when it comes to ads anyway) and DDB New Zealand turn it into a something of a hymn to fatherhood in this pre-Olympics ad ‘Staying Up.’

Fathers seem to have taken over from mothers as the key performers in family relationships recently, viz DDB’s London’s current opus for Volkwagen. This has quite a nice edge to it though, you expect father and son to get a wigging from mother in the morning for scoffing Big Macs at 3am.

I suspect combative DDB global CCO Amir Kassaei will be pleased to have this among his creative infantry as he storms the year’s remaining ad festivals.

The creatives were Peter Gosselin and Jay Hunt. It was directed by Steve Rogers for Revolver.

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