McCann’s Swedish chefs Dahlqvist and Karlsson unveil digital app version of massive Ikea catalogue

Ikea prints more than 200m copies of its famous catalogue, catering to its ever-growing flatpack fan base.

Now, with new agency McCann it’s going digital with all-singing and dancing app although it’s keeping its print version, which will keep numerous printers and trees in a job.

Last year it appointed McCann to handle the catalogue account (the main Ikea account is still officially with Ogilvy in the US and Mother in the UK). And McCann creative is, hardly coincidentally, now headed by global CCO Linus Karlsson and his equally Swedish deputy Andreas Dahlqvist.

The dynamic duo has already produced one ad, ‘World Without Textiles, and here’s the new digi catalogue.

Ikea’s head of global communications Lena Simonsson says: “One prerequisite was that we wanted to keep the printed catalogue as a base. Many other companies would have started this exercise by doing a deep study on how much more efficient this could be totally online vs. paper but, typical Ikea, we like to do things a bit backwards. We believe in something, and we go from there and see what we could do about it.”

So it’s evolution not revolution at Ikea. So maybe we shouldn’t expect too many fireworks from Dahlqvist and Karlsson but they seem to have made a decent start.

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