McCann’s Linus Karlsson makes debut for Ikea

McCann, under new creative global supremo Linus Karlsson is supposed to have won the advertising for IKEA’s catalogue and website but not the whole caboodle, supposedly still handled by Ogilvy in the US, Mother in the UK.

But this new ad for IKEA from McCann New York looks like a campaign for the whole brand.

Anyway it’s a nice take on a ‘World Without Textiles,’ neat but without frightening the horses, which you definitely don’t want to do with your first campaign for a new client.

Is this the start of the Linus revolution? We’ve already accused him of this once with McCann New York’s work for Sony’s Xperia phone.

But this is a big Swedish ad produced by Swedes. So it has to be him.

The thing I like about Karlsson (whom I don’t know) is that he is definitely not out of the gloom-laden Wallander mould (British TV version, the books are great). Thank God for that.

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